laminated MDF

Melamine : Melamine lamination is the most popular lamination for furniture and interior decorations. We can offer the latest European designs on high quality MDF, as well as more economical options. The selection of colors surpasses 300. In many situations we purchase the paper directly from the paper suppliers, giving us a direct relationship, learning the latest trends in designs and widening our choices.

Paper Overlay : A more economical variant of melamine lamination, used for backing panels or low-budget applications. We provide a selection of designs matching the melamine designs used in facing panels.

Veneer : Quarter cut or Crown cut, we can provide a choice of finishing veneers on MDF panels. We maintain relations with the veneering companies as well, bringing parties together to achieve the optimum result for the customer.

Polyester : Polyester MDF in white, solid colors or a limited set of designs are preferred in certain applications. We supply single and double sided panels in either matt or glossy finish.

High Gloss : The lastest popular lamination technique for modern kitchen and office designs. The high gloss effects are fashionable and enjoy growing interest.