Through our association with suppliers from the woodpanel, energy and packing industry, we received requests to source a variety of raw materials, such as: woodchips, sawdust, pellets, shavings and wood powder. These products are available from a variety of countries and wood species, dependent on the final application. Although we can supply by containers in jumbo bags (1 ton), the usual mode of transportation is breakbulk shipments of 15,000 - 40,000tons. The common species are Pine, Rubberwood, Eucalypt or Gumtree and Acacia. All deliveries carry a certificate pertaining to the sizes and moisture content according to TAPPI standards.  Pricing is in BDMT and in line with International Market Index levels. The materials are shipped from well-equipped deep-sea ports ready to load breakbulk quantities with high productivity. The sourcing is from large concessions able to supply hundreds of thousands of tons per annum.