About us

About Us

Woodiff was founded in 2002, but our sourcing and trading experience dates back to as far as 1984. Since 2002, the company has grown sharply mainly through its specialization in MDF and Melamine MDF products Globally. Through this specialization and the strong brands we represent, Woodiff Timber now negotiates contracts to the total of 1,500,000m3/year for shipment to the entire World, with our operations in Turpange serving as the central hub.

Through our strong focus on customer service and long-term value adding relationships, our customers continued to request us to expand the product portfolio. Products now include MDF, Plywood, Film Faced plywood, Blockboard, Chipboard, Particleboard, Sawn Timber, Doorskins, Decorative Paper and recently Woodchips. We are sourcing our products from over 40 countries among which, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Europe and Africa.

How Do We Operate?

We specialize in the origination and delivery of our products and add value in each stage of the supply chain. Woodiff Timber either operates as a commission agent negotiating ‘make-to-order’ contracts between customer and supplier or we import products directly for supply or re-export as a door-to-door solution for our customers.

Our customers are wholesale distributors and downstream manufacturers challenged to 'keep up' with the rapid domestic and regional expansion in the building materials sector. We currently serve 250 repeat customers in more than 25 countries.

Integrating the Supply Chain

Continuous drive for cost reduction has passed the stage of ‘low price/low quality’ options. We apply knowledge on product application and supply chain to help customers reduce cost further. Extended services we offer may include financing, warehousing, just-in-time delivery, administrative and clearing services, and logistical services.

We provide re-exporting services to countries in the Europe, Asia, Middle East region and Africa.